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Minister Plenipotentiary Rio de Janeiro 1809 - 1819 Contradicted by, America's diplomats and consuls of 1776-1865

Contradicted By:

Smith, Walter Burges. <i>America's diplomats and consuls of 1776-1865 : a geographic and biographic directory of the Foreign Service from the Declaration of Independence to the end of the Civil War.</i> Washington, D.C. : Center for the Study of Foreign Affairs, Foreign Service Institute, U.S. Dept. of State, 1987.

Reason for Decision:This source incorrectly places Sumter in Lisbon, which was not the capital of the Portuguese Empire at the time. It also lists Sumter as a Minister Resident.

Notes on Source:The data in this study was bulk loaded from a spreadsheet (created after the pages were scanned and run through OCR). Page numbers were not retained in the digitization process.

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